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From soccer to motor racing to cosmetics, technology-based distribution company Imajinn, was used to execute, what turned out to be successful, promotional campaigns.

MTN-8-Final---Orlando-Stadium-001Spicing up the Final

At the MTN 8 Soccer Final held at Orlando Stadium in Soweto, technology company Imajinn was tasked with both the technological requirements for the show and coordinating the ‘normal’ promotional activities.


On the technological front the company supplied one 180 and one 360 degree holographic solutions; ibars; and a number of touch screens in kiosks and coffee tables. Outside of its speciality, the company was responsible for co-ordinating skydivers, a Huey Helicopter, fireworks, flamethrowers and confetti blasts.

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 Cruden Simulator – Ferrari DayFerrari-Day-014

In collaboration with Chartis Insurance, official insurance provider to the Ferrari Club of SA, Imajinn used its Cruden Racing Simulator providing back-to-back rides for Ferrari Club members and their families.

The simulator was part of activities to celebrate Ferrari Day which was staged in the pits at Kyalami Race Track in Johannesburg, and was used amidst Jaki-Schekter-AT-Ferrari-Dayracing displays including Maranello’s exports.


*Cruden’s Hexathrill is a Formula Style Six Point Motion Driving Simulator (Hexathrill Formula) owned, in South Africa, by Imajinn. For a Tope Gear review on the Simulator go to:   http://www.adcom.co.za/index.php/97-imajinn-top-gear.


Cosmetics / Graffiti – what’s the difference?

At the GOSH cosmetics launch for South Africa at Katy’s Palace Bar in Sandton, guests were able to create and capture their expression of their GOSH journey byGOSH-Launch-002 ‘spraying’ their message and creating artwork on digital graffiti wall provided by Imajinn. Each guest’s artwork was then uploaded to the brand’s Facebook page.

*Further information on ImaGOSH-Launch-003jinn from MD Paul Ingram on tel: 011 513 7700 or visit www.imajinn.co.za.