Absa’s Rising Eagles Graduate Programme Light-Challenge
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Absa’s Rising Eagles Human Quantum Computer campaign proposes that the human brain is all-powerful, that it functions in a unique way not easily replicated by technology, and that when combined with other emotionally intelligent minds, has unlimited potential. But just how powerful is the human brain as an instrument?

Absa decided to find out, with an unusual experiment involving alumni from its’ Rising Eagles Graduate Programme who are currently employed at the bank. It also enlisted the help of members of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra, who usually make beautiful melodies with their instruments, but this time were asked to put their instruments aside and join the alumni in making music with the power of their minds alone.

“We set out to see exactly how powerful the human mind really is. Each person was connected to a computer via electrodes attached to their heads. This captured their individual neural feedback – brain impulses, which were then translated into sound waves. We came across an incredible finding – that the human mind can create music through just thought alone. The result was a collection of unique sounds from each of the participants, some slow, gentle and harmonic, and others quite fast paced,” explains Vanessa Klevansky, Creative Director, FCB AFRICA.

Absa then came across an even more astonishing finding. With the help of a sound engineer, they decided to combine the sounds, and were surprised to find that it actually created the most beautiful melody, showing the power of many minds working together.

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“From simple brainwaves to sonic soundscapes, the combination of melodies from Absa’s brightest young talent and the orchestra members created something truly magnificent – a song unlike any other. Our experiment proved that a single human brain has the power to create a unique sound, and when combined with others, has the power to create the ultimate magnificence of a singular piece of music. It supports our idea that a collection of human minds holds unrivalled power – power to create anything it wants, including life-changing solutions for communities in need,” Klevansky adds.

The experiment serves as a proof point to the Rising Eagles Human Quantum Computer campaign, a platform that intends to attract the smartest young minds from across Africa to not only build their careers at Absa, but simultaneously build a better world through solving some of Africa’s most pressing educational problems.

The experiment was conducted by Brain Harmonics, a private company that uses neuro feedback to help its’ clients synchronise their brains and in turn create harmony in their lives.

Watch the video: