Ad Outpost wins four-ball and ADreach is ‘best dressed’

AMASA’s fundraising Golf Day saw two leaders in the out-of-home industry recognised for their expertise. One in the field of golfing and the other in the dressing to please technique. While the former lends itself to the industry expanses, one must wonder at the latter’s past-time preferences when out-of-office.

AMASA’s reports its annual Golf Day held at the Parkview Golf Club was successful. The Association says much needed funds were raised, ensuring the organisation fulfils its mandate of furthering media education in South Africa.

This year for the first time, two cars were up for grabs for the first golfers who achieved hole-in-ones. Unfortunately nobody managed to take advantage of this generous offer but this year’s winning fourball went to Ad Outpost.

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Paul Clarke, who heads the AMASA Golf Day portfolio said: “We extend a massive thanks to SABC, RMS Media, Ad Outpost, Ramsay Media, DSTV Mobile, Continental Outdoor, Cinemark, KIA, NAB, ComutaNet and Provantage for their sponsorships. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks also go to our media agency and media owner partners who took fourballs and joined in the fun.”

Entitled Rockstars and Groupies, participants embraced the theme and dressed to impress. “The Best Dressed” team went to Adreach, who have scooped the prize three years in a row. 

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