Interactive storefront

Interactive storefront could redefine window shopping

Window shopping just got a new meaning with the latest technology implemented by Adidas. A six-week pilot is taking place at the Adidas NEO Label in Nuremberg, Germany, in which the storefront window was replaced with a fully functioning virtual store with life-size products.

According to an article on, the touchscreen window allows shoppers to explore, play with and drag life-size products they are considering for purchase directly into their smartphones. Users visit a URL via their smartphone and enter a one-time PIN and are then interlinked in real-time with a shopping bag on the window. The merchandise selected and placed in the shopping bag on the screen immediately appears on the users’ smartphone.

Shoppers can share their purchases through social media or email and save products for a later purchase. Before leaving the window, shoppers can touch hotspots on the screen to interact with the digital mannequin, making the person engage with the products or make playful actions and movements, according to the article.

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*Acknowledgements to Digital Signage Today