US-based Exceptional 3D has announced that its autostereoscopic 3D digital signage technology has been deployed as part of nine different 3D networks in 600 locations and counting across the US.

The company says Exceptional 3D allows network operators to offer their clients a variety of advertising options because its 3D displays maintain a future-proof capability for playing 3D content as well as legacy 2D content through integrated content management software.

“We believe this is a very validating moment for our glasses-free 3D technology and the future of the digital signage industry,” said Michael Egan, CEO for Exceptional 3D. “We are proving that 3D digital signage is here to stay, and we have shown that autostereo 3D is no longer a cost prohibitive medium for advertising.”

Preliminary indications show some evidence that justifies glasses-free 3D can strengthen brand awareness through 3D advertising, the company said. Based on early quantifiable data, forecasting shows autostereo 3D advertising is presenting a strong case for being more effective with potential customers and influential with undecided consumers.

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