An example of what a Tube package looks like
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A different way to package your products.

Quick Slit, a company that is celebrating being in business for more than 40 years. Known for their converting of paper, board, film and PVC products to the entire paper and packaging industry. They have now introduced an efficient, cost effective and environmentally safer option for packaging retail products or promotional products or, well, just about anything your imagination can come up with.

The reasoning.

Wenzel Greeff, manager of tube packaging at Quick Slit reports that “Over the years of offering paper products to various packaging and manufacturing firms. We have naturally acquired the correct tools and machines to create this product. We had a look around the industry and noticed that there weren’t any companies offering this type of product here in South Africa, so we naturally dug a little deeper and decided to extend our offering. This was easy for us to do of course as we already have 90% of what we need.”

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Tube packaging initiation.

The extended offering from Quick Slit only originated a few months ago. Naturally there has been a lot of testing and sampling from a development perspective. “At Quick Slit, we only want to offer quality products at an affordable price.” Says Wenzel. “Although it has taken months of preparation and R&D we now feel that we are ready to go public with our new addition.”

Useful in various ways

According to Quick Slit, Composite Cans or more affectionately known to Quick Slit as Tube Packaging, have many useful and dynamic applications. Besides them being environmentally cleaner and healthier, they are far more cost effective than tin. The tube protects foods and delicate products from being crushed. The re-sealable lid keeps products fresher for longer. Your company branding can now be wrapped around a 360° circumference and is no longer limited to a flat surface. The tubes are easily stored and is far more visually appealing than plastic bags etc. cluttering up space.

What is the Composite Tube?

Tube packaging or widely known as composite tube are spiral wound paper tubes. This design creates a rigid body. Involving several layers of materials which include: paper, foil and plastics in various combinations. With one or both ends being permanently fixed. According to Quick Slit, paper tube consist of the differing materials wrapped laterally around a mandrel. “But we don’t want to go too deeply into the technical making of the tube. What you need to know is that a full colour print is applied to the outside of the tube, making it come to life with your branding”, says Wenzel Greeff, manager of the tube packaging division at Quick Slit.waterproof recyclable kraft paper composite cans cookies packaging

The inside of the tube, can be foiled to seal in freshness for retail products. “There are also a couple of different “caps” or tops that can be made to suit our client’s tastes. This product can be used from retail to promotional packaging” says Wenzel.

If you are interested in contacting Quick Slit for more information on what these products can do for your branding, not to mention your pocket. Quick Slit can be contacted on 011 474 2218 or visit their website at Ask to speak to Gert Bezuidenhout or Kevin Maistry, they will be too happy to assist.